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2017 HHS Tournaments

Written by: League Administrator
Thursday, September 28, 2017

Passers Divisions and above:

Please read "Tournament Rules" under Available for Download to understand differences between regular season and tournament games. Also note that weekday tournament games start at 5:30, not 6:00. The top team listed is the Home team and will be responsible for the corner flags. Also, the final scores will be input by the Dir

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No Parking on the Grass

Written by: Ben Newell
Saturday, September 23, 2017

There is to be no parking on the grass at Cloud Park. I sent out an email two weeks ago and even posted it in our website and Facebook page. This morning the Huber Heights police gave out warnings about the parking on the grass. They will start giving out tickets from now on if this continues to happen. This is a city request not just our league.

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No Smoking!!

Written by: Ben Newell
Friday, September 8, 2017

Reminder there is NO SMOKING at the soccer fields at Cloud Park. Huber Heights Soccer rents the fields and we do not allow smoking on the sidelines or around the concession stand. Thank You

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Yesterday's Scores
Passer Boy: PB3 - Hot Heat Burritos 0
Passer Boy: PB4 - Huber Heights Soccer 1
Striker Girl: SG2 - Cloud Park Animal Clinic 0
Striker Girl: TYSAG1 3
Kicker: K2 - Cricket Wireless 3
Kicker: K1 - Arby's 2
Striker Boy: SB1 - Dayton Children's 3
Striker Boy: SB3 - Frickers 4
Wing Girl: WG2 - Dairy Queen Huber Heights 1
Wing Girl: WG3 - Dance Etcetera 4
Wing Boy: WB6 - Suez Water 0
Wing Boy: WB5 - Roosters 3

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