2022 Fall Recreational League Divisions



High School/Seniors Division (Coed) 15yrs to 18yrs
Girls Kickers Division 13yrs to 14yrs
Boys Kickers Division
Girls Strikers Division 11yrs to 12yrs
Boys Strikers Division
Girls Wings Division 9yrs to 10yrs
Boys Wings Division
Girls Passers Division 7yrs to 8yrs
Boys Passer Division
Bumblebees Division (Coed) 5yrs to 6yrs
Grasshoppers Division (Coed) *3yrs to 4 yrs


*3yrs - Child must be 3 years of age as of the 1st of August. Children that turn 3 on after the 2nd of August are ineligible. 

**All other ages will be based on whatever Age Year the child will be for the calendar year.