Refund Policy

Refunds requested before August 1st of the current year will not be granted for any reason. On refunds requested before August 1st, refunds will be issued before the beginning of the current season. Between August 1st and before league play begins, refunds will be granted for the following reasons only:

  1. Medical emergency.
  2. Relocation from the area. 
  3. Those individuals making the high school team.

In all cases where a refund is granted, a $25.00 administrative fee will be applied and deducted from each registered child where a refund is requested.  All refunds will be processed by the close of the HHS season, normally at the end of October; refunds will be mailed no later than November 30th of the current season.  Only the Board has the discretion to waive/consider any changes to these conditions.  The Board will only consider such cases after the presentation of the facts. The above dates and conditions are to be strictly observed. If you have been denied a request for refund, you may appeal the decision to the Board.